Slurpee on Demand

7-Eleven launches one-hour delivery service in Austin

7-Eleven launches one-hour delivery service in Austin

7-Eleven Slurpee
7-Eleven has teamed up with Postmates to deliver goodies in Austin. 7-Eleven/Facebook

Getting your Slurpee fix just got a lot easier. On Tuesday, 7-Eleven announced that it's delivering goods — hot foods, snacks, cold beverages and convenience items — to Austin customers.

The on-demand delivery service is powered by Postmates, a San Francisco-based tech company. Austin is the second market for 7-Eleven delivery; the inaugural service launched in San Francisco last week. 

"7-Eleven’s founder, Joe C. Thompson Jr., used to say 7-Eleven’s mission was to 'give customers what they want, when and where they want it,'" said Raja Doddala of 7-Eleven in a release. "Through the modern technology that Postmates provides, we can fulfill that promise in a way we haven’t done before."
Thirty-six local 7-Eleven stores are participating in the convenient new service. To order 7-Eleven goodies, users simply use the Postmates app, which offers delivery from a host of retailers. Postmates coordinates the whole thing and promises quick delivery; goods arrive within an hour. 
7-Eleven plans to expand delivery service later this year. On the short list? New York; Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; and Chicago.