Here Come the Brides and Grooms!

Austin gay bar Oilcan Harry’s gets into the business of same-sex weddings

Austin gay bar Oilcan Harry’s gets into business of same-sex weddings

Oilcan Harry's Austin venue gay bar Warehouse District flag 2015
Oilcan Harry's is now in the business of same-sex weddings. Oilcan Harry's/Facebook

The next time you step into Oilcan Harry’s, the oldest gay bar in Austin, you’ll be able to order a whiskey sour and a wedding.

On the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 26 decision authorizing same-sex marriages across the country, Oilcan Harry’s — also known as OCH — is flinging open its doors as a venue for same-sex weddings and receptions. For now, the Fourth Street fixture is hosting weddings and receptions on Saturday afternoons and evenings, co-owner Larry Davis says.

 Through the end of 2015, OCH is waiving rental fees for same-sex weddings and receptions.  

Davis says that following OCH’s wedding and reception announcement this week, venue bookings are being made at a “very fast” clip.

Through the end of 2015, OCH is waiving rental fees for same-sex weddings and receptions. Naturally, adult beverages and catered food will be available at a cost.

“We just want to help our patrons and our friends we have grown so close to over the years. This is not about making money for us at all,” Davis says. “I want people to have a venue they can have fun at and not break the bank.”

Davis says he was elated about the Supreme Court ruling. That day, OCH sold every drink for 46 cents in honor of the 46 years since New York City’s Stonewall riots, a pivotal catalyst for LGBT rights in the U.S. Davis says he sensed that the day of the high court’s decision would be “one of the most important days in a lot of our lives.”

As for the 46-cent drink offer, Davis says, “I wanted to make it fun, and I wanted everyone to be able to go out and celebrate and not worry about the cost.”