New Zealand-style ice cream shop zips into East Austin with fruity treats

New Zealand-style ice cream shop zips into Austin with fruity treats

Zeds ice cream cones
Zeds ice creams come in cones, cups, and half-pints. Zeds Ice Cream/Facebook
Zeds Ice Cream in East Austin
The new ice cream shop is located on the corner of Harvey Street and MLK Boulevard on the east side. Zeds Ice Cream/Facebook
Zeds fruit
The secret is Zeds' use of fresh fruit, which is added to a vanilla ice cream base. Zeds Ice Cream/Facebook
Zeds ice cream cones
Zeds Ice Cream in East Austin
Zeds fruit

A Portland, Oregon-based ice cream biz has entered the Austin market with hopes of licking the competition with its take on traditional New Zealand-style fruity frozen treats.

Zeds Ice Cream, founded in 2016 and housed in an ice cream van at the Oregon Zoo, has just opened a brick-and-mortar ice cream shop at 1814 Harvey St., in the East Austin spot previously occupied by Ed’s BBQ.

Comparing Zeds with other ice cream is like comparing apple pie to orange juice. The brand’s creamy ice cream starts in vanilla form and gets a flavor boost from the addition of real fruit — the freshest the Zeds folks can get their hands on — from strawberries and raspberries to blueberries and mango.

“We combine vanilla ice cream with real fruit in our ‘magic machine’ for a fresh, delicious treat,” a recent Zeds social media post noted. “All of our ice cream is made-to-order, and when it comes out, it’s very similar to a soft serve texture.”

Austinites are sure to be sweet on Zeds’ vegan ice cream offerings as well, and the Austin spot may even work up some ice cream flavors using well-loved local ingredients. All flavors are available in a cone or cup, as well as by the half-pint.

Also sure to be popular with Austinites: Zeds will serve up beer and wine alongside its ice cream treats.

According to company’s social media, owners Caleb Schmidt and Matt Porter scooped up the idea for their spin on the classic Kiwi dessert after making a trip to New Zealand in 2015. After one taste, they were hooked and decided to float the business idea in Portland, where the brand became extremely popular, even during the chilly winter season.

That likely won’t be an issue in Austin, where locals — currently doing their best to beat the summer heat — are already screaming for … well, you know.