COVID-19 Impact

Austin bowling alley darts out of business after 62 years due to COVID-19

Austin bowling alley darts out of business after 62 years due to COVID

Dart Bowl_Austin_bowling alley_2015
Hit the lanes one more time before Dart Bowl closes on Friday. Dart Bowl/Facebook

KVUE — After 62 years in business, Austin's Dart Bowl announced on July 14 it is closing down for good. Its last day in business will be Friday, July 17.

Dart Bowl, located at 5700 Grover Ave., cited the economic impact of the pandemic as a reason for its closure.

“This is a terrible loss for our family and for Austin, but a pandemic that keeps people home is also keeping them away from local entertainment options,” said Dart Bowl co-owner John Donovan. “This is the toughest thing we’ve ever had to do as business owners, but it was our only option.”

The Dart Bowl Café will also be closing down permanently. However, the company's Highland Lanes and Westgate Lanes will remain open.

“It’s tough to let this place go, but it’s worse to say goodbye to people like Peggy Zamarippa who has worked here for nearly 60 years,” concluded Donovan. “We all look forward to folks who have enjoyed the place making one last visit, rolling one last game, eating one last order of enchiladas before we shut it down Friday.”


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