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Austin is one of 3 cities in the world reeling in free vegan tuna subs

Austin is one of 3 cities in the world reeling in free vegan tuna subs

tuna sandwich
Looks like tuna! But it's not. Good Catch

If vegan sub sandwiches are your thing, today's your lucky day: On July 15, Austin will be one of three cities in the world that will be gifted with an onslaught of fish-free subs via a traveling food van from plant-based seafood brand Good Catch.

Good Catch specializes in developing plant-based seafood alternatives. It offers vegetarian shredded tuna, crab cakes, and fish patties made of lentils, chickpeas, fava beans, and other legumes. The company was founded in 2016 and is currently headquartered in Austin.

The giveaway capitalizes on a recent New York Times investigation into sandwich maker Subway's tuna sandwiches, which revealed that no actual tuna DNA was present in the Subway tuna subs that were analyzed.

"Our mission is to make plant-based seafood that's good for the sea and all life who call it home," says Good Catch co-founder Chad Sarno. "Large commercial fishing is one of the most destructive activities in our oceans. With the Subway news grabbing headlines across the globe, this is the perfect moment to inform people that there is a better way to enjoy the taste and experience of delicious seafood without harm to our oceans. We want to encourage Subway, and other businesses, to add fish-free options for goodness to all."

Good Catch has fired up a fleet of "OurWay" food vans to dispense free fish-free subs in a bid to motivate consumers to encourage Subway to go fish-free for good.

The vans will tour prime locations in London, New York City, and Austin, offering passersby free Good Catch plant-based tuna subs.

The company doesn't want the exact locations and times of its vans to be revealed, which seems an absolutely absurd stance to take, so we'll just drop some clues here:

  • The parking lot of a big-box retailer whose name begins with a "W," located right off Hwy. 290, south of downtown. It'll be there in the early afternoon, so sometime after 12:55 pm, and will stick around through mid-afternoon, which is to say that it'll be surely gone by 2:35 pm.
  • A shopping center located in the Riverside neighborhood that has businesses such as a Goodwill store and DD's Discounts. It'll be there just after 3 pm and stick around until a little past 5 pm.

Good Catch’s plant-based, deli-style tuna is also available in the prepared foods section of Whole Foods Market in 10 states.