The Last Straw

New bar inspired by 'dads on vacation' destined for East Sixth Street

New bar inspired by 'dads on vacation' destined for East Sixth Street

Last Straw Austin construction
The Chicon space is being remodeled to make way for Last Straw. Last Straw/ Instagram

Less than a month after neighborhood restaurant Chicon announced it was shuttering, we now know what will be taking its place. A team of well-known Austin names are converting it into a new bar promising “vacation by the hour.”

According to a release, Last Straw will he helmed by former Vox Table and Nickel City bar manager JR Mocanu in partnership with artist Will Bryant and designer Cody Halton. Bryant and Haltom are transforming the rustic interior of the building into a colorful space inspired by “tropical aesthetics, the [Italian design collective] Memphis Group, John Candy, silk plants, and dads on vacation.” What, no Weekend at Bernie’s?

The large square footage will give the designers much with which to work. In addition to 15 bars seats and booths and tables to accommodate 120 guests, the space also includes a small patio area.

Mocanu is heading a beverage program that is meant to match the vibe of the place with tongue-in-cheek cocktails such as the Titanic-inspired Rose Lied About Never Letting Go (Hendrick’s gin, Aperol, hibiscus, Earl Grey, rose, lemon, grapefruit) and the frozen C.R.E.A.M. (Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Hoodoo Chicory, pecan, pistachio, espresso, ice cream). The drink program will also include classic cocktails, boilermakers, beer, and wine.

For bites, the team drew inspiration from drunk food (they label it more elegantly as “late night eats that complement imbibing”). Although the full menu has not been announced, the release promises dishes like fried rice, dumplings, nachos, and burgers, as well as vegetarian options.

Like the drink menu, Last Straw’s food offerings are meant to be approachable, with plates meant for sharing and most items under $10. The full food menu will be served until 2 am every night.

If all goes according to plan, the team hopes to have the bar at 1914 E. Sixth St. open by the end of summer.