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Quirky Austin toy store debuts candy shop and ice cream parlor

Quirky Austin toy store debuts candy shop and ice cream parlor

Yummi Joy Austin Candy
Yummi Joy is now serving candy and vegan ice cream in downtown Austin. Photo courtesy of Yummi Joy

Selling a mix of novelties ranging from the nostalgic to the just plain goofy, Toy Joy has been an Austin institution for almost three decades. Now visiting the downtown destination has become even sweeter with the opening of Yummi Joy, a candy shop and ice cream parlor featuring scoops and cones from vegan ice cream wizards Sweet Ritual.

The new venture is a homecoming for Sweet Ritual co-founder Amelia Raley, who worked at Toy Joy’s original location on Guadalupe Street before going opening her cult vegan brand with Valerie Ward. For Yummi Joy, the pair has crafted a menu including crowd pleasers like cookies ‘n’ creme and rocky road, refined flavors like matcha green tea and chocolate olive oil, and sure-to-be-Instagrammed choices squid ink and unicorn poop. All flavors are available in a vegan waffle cone topped with sprinkles, peanuts, or crumbles, or they can be served as an affogato.

Yummi Joy will also offer build-your-own floats. The shop stocks a variety of sodas ranging from the classic (Moxie Original Elixir, Bubble Up, Nesbitt’s strawberry and orange) to the newfangled (KISS grapefruit soda, Avery’s Kitty Piddle orange pineapple), as well as several flavors of Japanese ramune.

The candy selection is near encyclopedic, with gas station favorites, hard-to-find gummies, and a stocked lollipop tree. To make sure everyone can get in on the fun, Yummi Joy has plenty of vegan and gluten-free options in bulk. House-made fudge rounds out the offerings. We have our eye on the jalapeño pecan.

The shop will be open seven days a week, but we urge you to get there sooner than later. September 20-21, the shop will be sampling mini cones, fudge, and coffee between 6-9 pm.