Wedding Guide Austin fall 2018

5 unexpected Austin food trucks that cater weddings, parties, and beyond

5 unexpected Austin food trucks that cater weddings, events, and more

Garbo's lobster roll
Let Garbo's butter up your wedding. Garbo's/Facebook

When planning your wedding, consider the food. While your guests come from far and wide, spend a mint dry cleaning suits, and do a bang up job of emptying out your registry, the least you can do is give them something decent to eat.

Instead of taking the expected (read: bland) route with a traditional caterer, consider hiring one of these Austin food trucks to serve the festive fare. Consider them something borrowed that won’t turn the reception into something blue.

Whoever decreed that dry cake smothered with sugary clay was an acceptable way to celebrate nuptials should be banished from polite society. Revolutionize the reception with ethically sourced bananas dipped in peanut butter, vanilla, or chocolate (there’s even a vegan option), then rolled in everything from graham crackers to sprinkles. The finished treats will look great in the pictures and the wedding party won’t have to balance dainty plates when “Single Ladies” beckons them to the dance floor.

DFG Noodles
Weddings should be civil affairs, but when there’s an open bar, an elegant soiree can quickly devolve into a college rager. Lay a solid foundation for all that beer and bubbles with carbs — and plenty of them. DFG is known for its tasty vermicelli bowls, but there are plenty of options to keep tipsy fun from becoming tragic. The crispy veggie potstickers are worthy of their own toast.

Garbo’s Fresh Maine Lobster
Why bother with the logistical nightmare of planning a destination wedding when you can recreate the destination closer to home? If you are enchanted with New England coastal style, break out the white rockers, buy blue hydrangeas in bulk, and throw some salt in a humidifier. More importantly, reel in Garbo’s to serve authentic Maine and Connecticut lobster rolls. Nothing says love like a boatload of butter.

Juana Taco
Wake up any reception by serving breakfast for dinner. Set up a michelada or Bloody Mary bar in one corner, complete with all the fixings. Then, add an uber-Austin touch courtesy of one of the east side’s favorite trucks. Breakfast tacos may a little unconventional, but they accommodate a wide variety of diets from young to old. Besides, it’s an affordable option that feels anything but cheap.

Happy occasions call for happy food — and this long-running food truck’s locally sourced Peruvian fare is nothing short of a delight. For an informal affair, opt for creamy papas a la huancaina, veggie stuffed steamed buns, or bright mahi mahi ceviche. For sit-down dinners, opt for a soul-satisfying rice dish like arroz con pollo or stir-fried chaufa with pork belly or beef.