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South Austin's Jew Hungry? food truck vandalized leaving owner in fear

South Austin's Jew Hungry? food truck vandalized leaving owner in fear

Jew Hungry? Food truck
The truck is operating on limited hours while they clean up. Jew hungry?/Facebook

KVUE — The Jew Hungry? food truck sits in the parking lot of the 04 Lounge on the busy corner of South Congress Avenue and Krebs Lane. Owner Scotty Grossbard is surprised no one saw anything overnight between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, when he said a break-in happened. "There's just glass everywhere," he said.

Grossbard said the food truck, which has been open at that location since early 2018, is now surrounded by shattered glass. Grossbard thinks the person or persons responsible used a stone to break the driver's side window. Plywood now covers that up. He doesn't think this was a random crime.

"I've been here 13 years. I don't feel safe anymore in this city, never felt I couldn't walk down the street or I couldn't wear my shirt or wear my Star of David proud and loud. And now I feel like I'm going to be targeted," Grossbard said.

He said the thieves left something behind. On the driver's seat, Grossbard found a metal cross with a bunch of change.

He called it anti-Semitic. "The fact that it a metal cross and the fact that there is change around it, like the saying goes: 'We're all greedy, that's all we want, that's all we want is money, all we think about is money,'" Grossbard said.

Grossbard said whoever broke into his food truck also broke his fryer and took kosher meats and cheeses, which are more expensive.

But the thief didn't just take his belongings. "I'm in fear for my life, I'm in fear for my business," Grossbard said.


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