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First Austin location of late-night cookie shop wakes up West Campus

First Austin location of late-night cookie shop wakes up West Campus

Insomnia Cookies
Austin's first Insomnia Cookies location is now open. Courtesy photo

A new cookie delivery concept is making a play for Tiff’s Treat’s home turf. Philadelphia-based Insomnia Cookies celebrated the opening of its first Austin location at 2323 San Antonio St. on November 8.

The business model will undoubtedly be familiar to fans of Tiff’s, the homegrown service that operates a location less than a mile from Insomnia’s new shop. The main difference is that the Austin newcomer offers extended hours until 3 am, according to a release.

The cookie flavors, which can be ordered online for delivery in Central Austin or picked up at the shop, stick to the classics with choices like chocolate chunk, snickerdoodle, sugar, oatmeal raisin, and white chocolate macadamia. Insomnia does offer a vegan and gluten-free chocolate chip option at select stores, but the offering is not currently on the Austin menu.

In addition to the cookies, Insomnia delivers a variety of other sweet treats, including ice cream pints, brownies, and cookie cakes. The cookies can be ordered as sandwiches with ice cream or icing or à la mode with a scoop of strawberry, vanilla, rocky road, or butter pecan, and customized with topping like Reese’s Pieces or sprinkles for $1 more.

The drinks menu includes bottled water and, of course, chocolate and regular milk. Given the name, perhaps the brand missed an opportunity by not offering coffee, or maybe the intention is to soothe night owls instead of giving them the jitters.

Whether Insomnia will make a dent in Tiff’s business remains to be seen, but the company hinted that the campus outpost might not be the last.

“We are thrilled to welcome our Austin bakery to the Insomnia Cookies family,” said chief marketing officer Tom Carusona. “We are really excited to continue our Texas expansion, especially in Austin.”