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Where to drink in Austin right now: 9 cozy seasonal cocktails

Where to drink in Austin right now: 9 cozy seasonal cocktails

AFS Cinema Bickle cocktail
The Bickle from AFS cinema makes our favorite movies even better. Photo courtesy of AFS Cinema
Eberly Smokin' Barrell cocktail
With three kinds of whiskey, Eberly's Smokin' Barrel means business. Photo courtesy of Eberly
Emmer & Rye Wexel mocktail
Take a break from overindulging during the holidays with Emmer & Rye's Wexel mocktail. Photo courtesy of Emmer & Rye
AFS Cinema Bickle cocktail
Eberly Smokin' Barrell cocktail
Emmer & Rye Wexel mocktail

With so many days of hot weather, Austinites take the comfier climate of fall seriously. When the thermometer finally dips below 80, people spend more time outdoors, a seemingly endless number of events pop up on the calendar, and even our pets seem to be in a better mood. Our sadly short season means that we have to make the most of every moment, so this month we are drinking it all in. Literally.

AFS Cinema — Bickle
What do you do when you have had it up to here with your relatives over the Thanksgiving holiday? You go to the movies, of course, especially when they have cocktails like AFS Cinema’s Bickle. Old Grand Dad Bourbon meets Laird’s applejack, apple pie syrup, lemon, and Angostura bitters for a drink that’s decidedly less aggressive than the Taxi Driver character who shares its name.

Drink.Well — Rub My Tummy & Feed Me Soup
The team at Jessica Sanders' flagship bar have always taken cocktails to a new level, but they have outdone themselves with the Rub My Tummy & Feed Me Soup. The drink takes a cue from Thai tom kha, layering green chili vodka, lemongrass, herbal Becherovka bitters, ginger, lime, and coconut. Served cold, it is every bit as comforting as its inspiration.

Eberly Smokin' Barrel
As the days grow short, we find ourselves reaching for whiskey more and more. Triple that when we can get it in a cocktail using Old Forester bourbon, Laphroaig scotch, and Old Overholt rye all at the same time. A little maple simple syrup teases out the sugars from the heady trio for a smoother sipper.

Emmer & Rye — Wexel mocktail
The increased social schedule of the holiday months may mean drinking a little more than usual, and sometimes we need to take a break. Emmer & Rye’s Wexel mocktail still has the flavors to get you in the seasonal spirit without the resultant holiday hangover. But don’t worry, we won’t judge if you choose to spike it with Ford’s gin or Old Grand Dad.

Holy Roller — Holiday in Oaxaca
We may not all be able to take a vacation this fall, but the punk rock diner’s Holiday in Oaxaca is the next best thing. This boozy cocktail helps us take a break from November's hustle and bustle with Kimo Sabe mezcal, Chairman’s Reserve spiced rum, Liber & Co fiery ginger syrup, Chameleon Cold Brew, and cream. Order it warm for the full effect.
Nickel City — Frozen Irish coffee
Irish coffee is a staple of the fall months, but — let’s face it — we rarely get the colder weather that makes drinking a scalding mug worth it. Nickel City has solved that problem with a frozen version of the classic made with Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey, coffee liqueur, and cream. All of the flavor, none of the hot flashes.

Odd Duck — Don't Chai This at Home
We love a good drink pun, and Odd Duck’s Don’t Chai This at Home is a doozy. But the namesake chai spice is no joke. Instead, it adds complexity to a beautifully layered drink with Wild Turkey, Grand Marnier, orange, lemon, and a red wine float.

Pool Burger — Depth Charge
Sure, tiki drinks may not be the first thing most people think of when the leaves start to change, but hear us out. Pool Burger’s Depth Charge skips the rum in favor of the campfire smoke of Reyes y Cobardes mezcal and a few dashes of The Bitter Truth’s pimento dram (that’s allspice and not the little red flecks you get on the grocery aisle) for a cocktail that feels of the season without giving up its tropical bona fides.

St. Genevieve — Snickering Doodle Adult Milk and Cookies
If you are out shopping at Domain Northside on Black Friday, make the crowds a little more bearable by ordering a Snickering Doodle Adult Milk and Cookies at St. Genevieve. The dessert cocktail starts with a base of pumpkin cinnamon spice-infused heavy whip cream then blends it with Frangelico, Stoli Vanilla, and Patron XO Cafe. Need a little extra courage to battle the crowds? Kick it up with chile-chocolate Patron Incendio, and don't forget to dip the accompanying cookie.