Dessert-only takeout shop treats North Austin to specialty churros

Dessert-only takeout shop treats North Austin to specialty churros

Senor Churro
Photo courtesy of Señor Churro

The opening pronouncement from one of Austin’s newest sugary spots kept it short and sweet: “It’s 2020, y’all. We need dessert!”

Apparently, Austinites agree, as they’ve been scooping up sweet treats from Señor Churro, a new takeout dessert establishment located at the Kitchen United Mix facility on Burnet Road in North Austin.

“We felt a need for a simple dessert takeout option at the Mix,” says owner Ash Ahuja, who also owns the Bombay Walla and Pastabilities concepts at Kitchen United Mix. “The challenges of the pandemic inspired us to think outside the box. A good, simple dessert adds a moment of positivity to your day, and we all need that right now.”

In addition to classic cinnamon and sugar churros, the Señor Churro menu features some unique flavor combos, including brown sugar and cardamom seed churros; and brown sugar, dried ginger, and fennel seed churros. The accompanying caramel and Mexican chocolate sauces are house-made.

“We love churros, but we find that these are not as readily available as, for instance, doughnuts,” Ahuja says. “We came up with some unique flavors … and our customers love them! Surprisingly, the churros hold up pretty well for takeout and stay crunchy for a long time.”

For patrons with a sweet tooth who don’t find fried and sprinkled churros a treat (Do such people actually exist?), Señor Churro also offers tres leches cake and chocolate cake by the slice, as well as ice cream, mango smoothies, and horchata.  

Ahuja says Señor Churro is currently open for takeout service, curbside pickup, and limited delivery only, though he may rethink that strategy post-pandemic once indoor dining becomes a more viable option.

In the meantime, he’s hoping Austinites are dazzled by Señor Churro’s holiday offerings: chocolate sprinkle churros (coated in Ghirardelli Chocolate and rainbow sprinkles) and the holiday churro platter, which “can literally feed a soccer team.”

“In general, people are really excited about churros, a beloved dessert in Texas. And we’ve had great feedback on our unique flavors,” Ahuja says. “Business has been up and down, as can be expected during the pandemic. We do expect a busy December as people are looking for simpler ways to celebrate. And a gift of churros always brings cheer.”