Austin's Best Pies

Austin's most decadent pies of the season will leave you hungry for more

Austin's most decadent pies will leave you hungry for more

Cake and Spoon
Cake and Spoon's mini pies can be found at places like Franklin Barbecue and the Downtown SFC Farmer's Market. Cake and Spoon/Facebook

Though it's a year-round dish, there's something about the fall and winter months that make pie extra special. There are the traditional staples like pumpkin, sweet potato, and pecan, as well as winter favorites like apple strudel, mincemeat, and buttermilk. But for those adventurers out there who like to shake up their dessert orders from time to time, this list has you covered.

Do yourself a favor and indulge in one (or all) of our favorite local winter pies.

Olamaie: Chocolate chess pie
Leave it up to Olamaie to craft a luscious Southern-inspired dessert. The award-winning restaurant's decadent chocolate pie comes with fresh whipped cream and crunchy pecans. 

Bribery Bakery: Peppermint cheesecake tarts
Jodi Elliott's bright bakery has captivated us since its opening this past March. With menu standouts like chocolate chunk and pecan cookies, brown butter blondies, cinnamon rolls, and flaky popovers, Bribery boasts a selection of seasonal specials, including the recently featured peppermint cheesecake tarts, which look, smell, and taste like Christmas.

Juliet Ristorante: Crostata di pignoli pie
A sight to behold, Juliet's crostata di pignoli, made with pine nuts, honey, balsamic caramel, and gelato, is one of several seasonal desserts on the menu. If you're opting for a rich option, try out the crostata di cioccolato, a pie tart with chocolate ganache, lemon cream, pistachios, and toasted meringue.

Pie Plante: Bourbon sour cherry pie
The search for the best pies often leads Austinites to experts like Pie Plante. The food truck features an alternating menu of specials like apple and pecan, but it's the bourbon sour cherry that has recently seized our taste buds. 

Royers Pie Haven: Texas Trash Pie shake
Who says you can't transform a pie into a shake? Royers crafts an impressive menu of sweets, but we can't stop ordering the Texas Trash Pie. So, imagine our excitement when the restaurant upgraded the pie into liquid form. The unconventional shake boasts a mixture of coconut, chocolate chips, graham crackers, pretzels, and caramel sauce.

Lucy's Fried Chicken: Sweet tea pie
An oldie but a goodie, the sweet tea pie at Lucy’s is a local celebrity. And while we could dine on this fine dish nearly anytime of the year, there’s something about the burst of lemon and the gooey custard that calls our name during the holidays.

Cake and Spoon: Franklin Barbecue Bourbon Banana Pie
Franklin Barbecue is a winter necessity, and while you’re waiting in the hours-long line for the melt-in-your-mouth brisket, why not pick up a piece of the mini bourbon banana pie? Crafted exclusively for Franklin by Cake and Spoon, this sweet treat complements Franklin’s nationally acclaimed savory meats.

Gourdough's Public House: Granny's Pie
Gazing over the menu at Gourdough’s, it seems there isn’t a fried pastry the restaurant wouldn’t attempt. But it’s the classics like Granny’s Pie — a heaping doughnut with cream cheese icing, caramel, pecans, bananas, and graham crackers — that keep us coming back to this adventurous restaurant, especially during the winter.