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The complete guide to X Games Austin 2015: Extreme events you can't miss

Complete guide to X Games Austin 2015: Extreme events you can't miss

X Games Austin Sunday Crowd
Here's your guide to X Games Austin 2015. Photo by Shelley Neuman
X Games Austin Sunday Men's Skateboard Street Final Winner Nyjah Huston
Skateboard street gold medalist, Nyjah Huston, returns to X Games. Photo by Shelley Neuman
X Games Austin Friday Women's Enduro X Final
Enduro X is like grown up Mario Kart.  Photo by Shelley Neuman
Metallica headlines X Games Saturday night. Photo by Herring Herring
X Games Austin Sunday Crowd
X Games Austin Sunday Men's Skateboard Street Final Winner Nyjah Huston
X Games Austin Friday Women's Enduro X Final

X Games Austin rolls into town June 4-7. We've combed through the packed schedule to pick out the extreme events to check out each day, ensuring a well-rounded festival experience.

Thursday, June 4
Witness the final round of the Moto X Step Up competition, which promises tons of dirt and even more air. This fun event takes place downtown in front of the Capitol. It's kind of like pole vaulting — but with dirt bikes — and is a perfect kick-off to your X Games weekend.

Friday, June 5
This is the first big day Circuit of the Americas, so we suggest taking it all in. Explore the grounds, catch local performers at the Sound Factory Stage and then head to the Moto X area by 6 pm to see Enduro X, arguably the most insane Moto X event of the weekend. Participants race on bikes through an obstacle course of tree trunks, mud and ditches — it's kind of like a grownup version of Mario Kart (minus the blue shells).

Head to the Big Air venue (you know, the absolutely massive ramp in the middle of the grounds) by 9 pm to witness the Skateboard Big Air finals. A handful of daring skateboarders will be launching themselves into space to see who can land the coolest trick.

Friday night's headliner is Nicki Minaj at the Super Stage at 10:30 pm. The outlandish performer promises an evening of fantastic spectacles and hip-hop music.

Saturday, June 6
Make your first event on Saturday the Skateboard Park competition at 11 am. Catch really neat tricks, while enjoying the shade of the stadium seating next to the skateboarding venues.

Meet your daily dirt quota with BMX Dirt rounds at 3:30 pm. This event is pretty raw and intense, making it a must-see on our list.

The highlight of Saturday evening is undoubtedly seeing Metallica at 10:30 pm. "We're excited to get there and X Games has been going on for a while — it's about time," frontman James Hetfield told Tony Hawk in a video announcement.

Sunday, June 7
It's the last day of the festival: Finish strong. At 11 am, witness Big Air Doubles, a fusion of skateboard and BMX contestants catching big air.

After that, swing by the rallycar course to enjoy Off Road Truck Racing at 12:30 pm, the perfect mixture of burning rubber and flying dirt. When that's finished, make the tough decision between Men's Skateboard Vert Best Trick or Men's Street, both at 2:30 pm. Ask yourself this: Do you want to see skateboard tricks up in the air or skimming the ground?

The cherry on top of the X Games experience will be the final music performances of the festival. Hit Deltron 3030 at the Sound Factory Stage at 5:30 pm and stick around for The Glitch Mob at 8 pm.


This map gives you the lay of the land for X Games Austin. Tickets are $20 for Thursday's downtown event, $59 for a single-day pass and $109 for the full three-day experience. For additional packages and VIP access, visit the X Games website.