Hunting Contest Outrage

Controversial Texas cheerleader draws fire again with 'Hot Guy Hunter' contest

Texas cheerleader draws fire again with 'Hot Guy Hunter' contest

Kendall Jones lion safari
Kendall Jones, shown here with a kill from one of her safaris in Africa, has many fans and just as many critics of her public hunting persona.

Kendall Jones, a Texas Tech cheerleader and noted figure within the hunting community, is certainly no stranger to controversy.

In July, photos of the 19-year-old shown with the carcasses of wild animals she killed during several safaris in Africa — including cheetahs, rhinoceroses and lions — started a highly contentious debate between wild game hunters and animal rights supporters. Critics launched campaigns to have the photos removed from her Facebook page, with the social media site ultimately removing some of the more graphic photos from her account. 

Jones, who asserts that she supports animal conservation through hunting, was recently named No. 3 on Ranker's "World's Hottest Female Hunter" list. As a result, Jones staged her own contest after asking, "Where's the list of world's hottest guy hunters?!?!" in a December 21 Facebook post.

The contest, judged by Jones and fellow Texas Tech cheerleader Taylor Altom, accumulated nearly 3,000 photos submitted by male hunters, sometimes shown with their kills. 

Critical commenters have complained that Jones is detracting from what she sees as gender equality as well as glorifying the killing of animals.

"I don't get it, your [sic] making a point about gender equality which I for one totally agree with, but then objectify a man," said Sanna Ivy Baur of the post, adding that Jones doesn't "know what gender equality is."

Commenter Carlos Moreno stated his dissatisfaction with the fact that her hunting appears to be only for sport, not necessity or conservation. "I'm all for hunting, as long as the hunt is being done for the purpose of feeding off the animal," he wrote. "However, what I don't condone is someone as stupid as Kendall Jones, killing exotic animals for sport and no other purpose. She makes me sick, piece of red-neck, new rich trash."

Jones, who has reportedly received death threats for her behavior in the past, fought off her many critics with this post on her Facebook page from January 2:

"Its [sic] the fact that I'm a girl and I'm doing those things. Well I'm here to tell you, I'm NEVER going to stop. I'm proud to hunt, proud to cheer, proud to wear makeup, and especially PROUD TO BE ME!"