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Austin declared as awesome a place to visit as it is to live

Austin declared as awesome a place to visit as it is to live

Austin skyline Gypsy Picnic atmosphere
Austin-Round Rock is a hot summer spot. Photo by Alicia Vega

If you haven't already planned on getting out of town this summer, know there's a good chance people will be coming to Texas during their precious time off. According to recent rankings from WalletHub, the Dallas, Houston, and Austin metros are among the best summer travel destinations.

WalletHub used 30 key metrics to compare the 80 largest metro areas and identify the most budget-friendly and fun-filled summer destinations. Austin-Round Rock comes in No. 17 on the list.

The data takes into account factors such as cost of the cheapest flight to number of attractions to diversity of activities. Austin claims a pretty respectable No. 16 for least amount of travel hassles and costs (our airport is pretty great) and the No. 14 rating for attractions means there's plenty to do around the city (as we all know).

Where we don't score so high is local costs and weather, with No. 41 and No. 38 rankings, respectively. The latter makes sense for anyone who's familiar with Texas in the summer.

Dallas-Fort Worth shows up at No. 6 overall, with the top spot for fewest travel headaches. Houston also makes the top 10, with a pretty impressive ranking of sixth for fewest travel headaches contributing to its overall No. 9 placement. That No. 26 weather score though? Apparently WalletHub thinks Houston's more temperate than Denver, San Diego, and even Austin from May through August.

And while San Antonio sits at No. 50, it's actually in the 10 worst cities for summer weather.