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Luxury girls' getaway offers guests free flights from Austin to Belize

Luxury girls' getaway offers free flights from Austin to Belize

Reset Retreat Belize
Guests who book now snag a free flight to Belize City. Reset Retreat/Facebook
Reset Retreat Belize
The next Reset Retreat is November 4-9, 2015. Reset Retreat/Facebook
Reset Retreat Belize
Reset Retreat Belize

Ladies, it’s time to pamper yourselves. If you’ve found yourself in a rut and are looking to awaken the mind, body and soul, consider partaking in Reset Retreat, a unique women’s wellness retreat that takes a holistic approach to its comprehensive program.

The Austin-based company, started by three adventurous women, is offering a luxurious getaway for women to reset in Ambergris Caye, Belize. The exclusive island excursion includes staying in a beachfront cabana, nutritious meals, daily yoga, life coaching, massage and spa treatments, town exploration, and local charitable activities. 

 The exclusive island excursion includes staying in a beachfront cabana, nutritious meals, daily yoga, spa treatments and more.

 “Amergris Caye is stunning, has unique adventure activities, ranks high on the safety scale from the U.S. State Department and is extremely close to the United States,” explains Reset Retreat co-founder and Austinite Cierra Savatgy-King.

“We saw Amergris Caye was frequently listed as one of the best luxury vacation spots and knew that it would provide an excellent setting for our guests to decompress.”

Savatgy-King met Reset Retreat co-founders Natalie Jenkins and Crystal Veness on a week-long sailing trip in Croatia.

“We started to discuss our struggles with personal expectations, not feeling ‘good enough,’ feeling stuck in life and the difficulty of changing negative patterns. Things so many women feel, but rarely discuss openly,” says Savatgy-King.

“We didn't know each other and didn't know if we'd ever meet again, so immediately the protective walls dropped. We openly shared, and realized we were all going through similar hurdles. We were in this stunning location with all our senses firing and we knew we would never forget these personal growth conversations. The uniqueness of the situation and the beauty of our surroundings were inspiring.” 

That vacation turned into a “fierce brainstorming session” about developing growth opportunities for women through unbelievable experiences, thus resulting in the creation of Reset Retreat.

The inaugural retreat — a huge success — was held in February 2015. Much of what worked in the initial excursion will also be included in the upcoming retreat, which occurs November 4-9, 2015.  

Reset Retreat ensures women feel comfortable and facilitates learning in a fun way. A highly knowledgeable nutritionist, yoga instructor and life coach will be on hand during the getaway, and daily exercises will focus on personal growth, discovery and detox. The retreat also offers a day trip to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve on a private catamaran, where guests can swim alongside sting rays, turtles and nurse sharks, which Savatgy-King ensures are “docile and sweet creatures.”

The retreat is held at an intimate boutique hotel on the north part of the island, directly on the beach with unlimited access to sun, sand and waves. The price is $3,390 if you are sharing a room with a fellow guest or $3,790 for private accommodations. This includes all of the activities and meals, plus the flight and boat ride from Belize City to Amergris Caye.

But it gets better. From now until June 15, Reset Retreat is paying for confirmed guests’ flights from Austin, Houston and Dallas to Belize City. Reset Retreat will also handle the complete booking for travel arrangements, so that your reset is truly worry-free.

For more information, visit the Reset Retreat website and learn more about the participants’ experiences from the February 2015 event.