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Boutique home rental company opens new doors to Austin travelers

Boutique home rental company opens new doors to Austin travelers

Oasis Collections - Austin
Luxury travel company Oasis Collections has just launched in Austin. Photo courtesy of Oasis Collections

Founded in 2009, Oasis Collections delivers a seamless travel experience as seen through the eyes of a local. There are approximately 1,500-plus homes in 18 cities across 11 countries available for short- or long-term rentals through the wildly successful “home meets hotel” company. In late May, Austin opened its doors as the newest destination, offering 20 hand-selected private homes available for reservation in various parts of the city.

“Austin was a good fit for our brand and vision,” Oasis Collections co-founder and CEO Parker Stanberry says. “With the combination of large events, which drive leisure demand, and the increasing temporary corporate housing needs in the area, we knew Oasis could offer multiple solutions to people visiting Austin whether for a weekend, a week, or longer.”

By combining the best aspects of a boutique hotel experience to the world of peer-to-peer apartment/home rentals, the company is aiming to create a new category of travel accommodations. In addition to lodging and hotel amenities, such as concierge services, guests are also provided with “at home” amenities ranging from a stocked fridge, local gym membership, and access to private members’ clubs. This accommodation hybrid allows travelers to feel at home no matter where they are.  

So what does it take to become an Oasis destination? Unlike other short-term home rental companies, the Oasis opportunity is not available to just any home. Interested homeowners must submit their property and go through an in-person inspection before they are approved as a rental. Homes are selected based on location, modern design, and features, as well as the attention to details that will make guests really feel at home. “If the home can comfortably sleep six people, there should be at least six place settings in the kitchen,” Stanberry says.

But the perks aren’t only for guests. Oasis homeowner partners also enjoy a host of benefits when their property is listed, such as membership to the local private members’ club. 

The company plans to expand into 50 cities by next year. “This is the hotel of the future,” Stanberry says. “We are bridging the gap between boutique hotel and peer-to-peer rentals by offering a more authentic experience at a better price point, especially for long-term guests.”