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How to avoid Thanksgiving traffic in Austin — best and worst times to hit the road

How to avoid Austin Thanksgiving traffic — worst times to hit the road

Traffic on South Congress Avenue in Austin
Heed this advice to avoid traffic during the holidays. Office of Sustainability/Facebook

Thanksgiving means turkey, pie, and lots of traffic. But lucky for us, Google has tips on how to avoid congestion on the road. The tech giant has mapped out the best and worst times to travel this holiday, based on historical Google Maps traffic data. 

The Sunday before Thanksgiving at 6 am was the very best time to travel. If you missed that window, Google expects traffic to be heavier than usual on Monday and Tuesday but suggests you depart midday those days.

The absolute worst time to hit the road? Wednesday at 3 pm. If you have to travel on Wednesday, the best time depart across the nation is 6 am. Those traveling from Dallas or Houston should get on the road at 7 am and 8 am, respectively.

The best time to head home is 6 am Friday, perfect for you early risers. Planning to travel later in the weekend? The earlier you leave on Saturday, the better. Google says 4 pm Saturday is the worst time to return home.

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