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Artist Hunt Slonem and his famous bunnies visit Austin for a limited time

Artist Hunt Slonem and his famous works visit Austin for limited time

Hunt Slonem
We can't wait to see Hunt Slonem's famous bunnies in person. Photo courtesy of Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery

A fixture of the world’s art scene for four decades, revered New York artist Hunt Slonem is coming to Austin this week. 

Well known in the worlds of art and interior design, Slonem is often recognized for his signature depiction of rabbits, which have decorated everything from canvases to wall coverings, textiles, and more. His eponymous exhibit, "Hunt Slonem," will be on view at the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery from March 1 through 31. 

Slonem's fascination with this particular subject began after he dined at a Chinese restaurant and discovered (in a fortune cookie) that he was born under the sign of the rabbit in 1951. The artist begins each morning with the creation of small gestural images of bunnies and never seems to find the repetition dull, instead, it's a mantra of sorts.

Though Slonem often focuses on the smallest of creatures, his works are often created using the boldest of colors — and they frequently are large in scale. He has a flair for the unusual, and anything becomes fair game when it comes to subjects flora, fauna, and even the visage of Abraham Lincoln.

 "This will be my first show in Austin and I'm very excited to introduce my work to the city and experience all its charms I've been hearing about my whole life," says Slonem.

Meet the artist at a book signing this Friday, March 4, at the Russell Collection. Slonem will also appear at a special artist’s reception on Saturday, March 5. Both events are open to the public; an RSVP is required