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6 Austin artists divulge the worst advice they have ever received

6 Austin artists divulge the worst advice they have ever received

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Unsolicited advice, rude comments, and suggestions designed to stifle creativity are just a few of the things creatives deal with on a regular basis. But just what is the worst piece of advice Austin artists have received?

From being told to "shut up and look pretty" to suggestions on how to improve their painting, local artists including filmmaker B.B. Araya, photographer Moyo Oyelola, TaSzlin Muerte and Jonathan Horstmann of BLXPLTN, artist Roshi K, and Siobhan Alexis of Tapestry Dance share why listening to bad advice is just, well, bad.

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This Austin muralist shares the worst advice someone has given in regards to her art. Photo courtesy of KLRU Arts in Context