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A vote for Chris Cubas is a vote for Austin comedy

A vote for Chris Cubas is a vote for Austin comedy

Chris Cubas at Moontower Comedy Festival Austin Show
Chris Cubas performing at the 2013 Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival Photo by Jon Shapley

Barely a week ago, Austin voters went to the polls to cast their ballots on important issues facing the city and the state of Texas, including water security and affordable housing. Now, another important issue is in the hands of local voters — and this time, they can easily avoid lines or having to show one of seven acceptable forms of photo ID.

What’s the important issue at hand? It’s a campaign to boost local comedian Chris Cubas to new heights of stand-up comedy. Comedy Central has been touring the country for its Up Next Talent Search, and Cubas was one of the lucky few to make it all the way to the final round of talent. On November 6, Cubas and eight other finalists each performed a short set at the New York Comedy Festival’s Comics to Watch showcase.

A vote for Chris Cubas, who's in the running to win Comedy Central's Up Next Talent Search, is a vote for Austin. Nay, it’s a vote for America. 

Voting for the winner of the grand prize is now open to anyone through Thursday, November 14. You can vote once every 24 hours. The entire hourlong showcase is available online, with Cubas’ set starting at around the 37:10 mark, or you can watch a short clip of his material here if that's what suits your attention span. A warning: the videos contain NSFW language about some touchy subjects, so don't forget the earbuds if you watch in public.

If you’ve spent anytime at local comedy clubs, at the Moontower Comedy Festival or even at the Yellow Stage at past Fun Fun Fun Fests, you don’t need to be convinced to vote for Cubas. He already has the full support of the Austin comedy lobby, and a look at all the tweets that are sent in his defense when an anonymous troll says that he sucks is how you can be sure that a vote for Cubas is a vote for Austin. Nay, it’s a vote for America.

With the grand prize, Cubas would win $2,500, an appearance on a future Comedy Central series, an exclusive deal for Comedy Central Records and much more. It’s a great opportunity for a talented and hardworking comedian to gain a wider audience — and to perhaps start convincing people that in fact it’s Reggie Watts who looks like Chris Cubas.