Oh No Romeo Rose

Congrats, ladies, we did it: Romeo Rose is planning to leave Austin

Congrats, ladies, we did it: Romeo Rose is planning to leave Austin

Romeo Rose, aka Larry Busby
Goodbye and good riddance. Romeorose.com

That sound you're hearing is the women of Austin collectively sighing in relief. Someone identifying himself as Romeo Rose, the velour-rocking Austinite who just wants to find love — provided that love is white, thin and lives in Central Austin — posted to City-Data.com that he is considering moving to Las Vegas or Phoenix.

Noting that Austin is full of young "fem-nazis," Rose laments that he just can't find a conservative lady who will ride the bus with him and not have opinions about things. Romeo, we're sure you'll fare better in Las Vegas. After all, if there is anything Vegas is known for, it is definitely conservative behavior.

For those of you lucky enough to not know who we're talking about, Rose garnered national attention last year after his SleeplessinAustin.com website went viral (the domain has since been sold to an online dating company). His racist, misogynistic rants were enough to finally get a man who had spent years trolling Yelp, YouTube and various music forums his 15 minutes of fame.

Outlets from Texas Monthly to Huffington Post picked up the story, and for a week in late September 2013, it seemed you couldn't turn to the Internet without reading something about Rose (real name Larry Busby) and his penchant for long rants and abusive behavior.

As quickly as it came, the spotlight faded and Rose returned to soliciting media outlets (including CultureMap) for coverage of his terribleness. But having covered the story back in September, it was hard to shake a single thought, "Is there a woman in Austin who would date Romeo Rose?"

After user Shinoda28112 posted Rose's City-Data link to the Austin sub-Reddit late Sunday night, curiosity got the best of us. Well, Rose confirms the best possible scenario: he has not been with a woman since August, a full month before he momentarily turned into a viral sensation.

Congratulations Austin women, you did it. Or rather, you didn't do it. You should be proud.