Stuck in Traffic

Austinites spend way too much time stuck in traffic each day

Austinites spend way too much time stuck in traffic each day

It's confirmed: Austin has some of the worst traffic in the nation. Austin ranks No. 13 for roadway congestion in the United States, according to the 2014 TomTom Traffic Index.

The GPS company compared travel times during peak and non-peak periods, using percentages to illustrate the increase in commute times when traffic is at its worst. Based on these findings, Austin experiences a 25 percent increase in overall congestion during peak times. We have a 42 percent increase in peak morning travel times and a 61 percent increase in peak evening travel times.

That congestion isn't limited to highways either. In Austin, the congestion level on non-highways increases by 26 percent during peak times, compared to a 20 percent increase on highways. 

The report claims that we waste about 21 extra minutes each day stuck in traffic — that's about 80 hours a year. According to the study, the peak congestion level is highest in Austin on Thursday evenings: a whopping 69 percent. The day with the absolute worst traffic was Thursday, January 23, 2014.

Austin's congestion level ranks No. 18 in North America and No. 86 in the world. For the full list and more findings, you can view the TomTom Traffic Index here.

Austin traffic highway I-35 congestion
Austin is No. 13 in the nation for traffic congestion. Courtesy photo