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Comfy Austin cozies up as 10th best city for homebodies, report says

Comfy Austin cozies up as 10th best city for homebodies, report says

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to become homebodies. But some places are better than others for cozying up at home and binge-watching the latest Netflix hit.

It just so happens that Austin is one of the best U.S. cities for homebodies, at least according to one new ranking.

Furniture retailer Joybird puts Austin at No. 10 on its new list of the top cities for homebodies. To develop the ranking, Joybird examined 11 factors for 50 of the biggest cities in the country. The factors include average internet speed, average rent, average yard size, and number of openings for remote jobs.

Raleigh, North Carolina, tops the list. Joining Austin in the top 20 are Dallas (No. 8), San Antonio (No. 16), and Houston (No. 19). New York City sits in last place.

Looking at it another way, Texas is home to one-fifth of the top 20 cities for homebodies.

“Part of the reason Texas has so many cities with high overall scores is the state’s internet infrastructure,” Joybird explains. “One of the most powerful internet service providers available to at least some of the general American public right now, Google Fiber, is available in most of Austin, some of Houston and San Antonio, and small parts of Dallas. For context, the majority of states don’t have any access to Google Fiber.”