Austin Scores Big

Austin scores big as the most 'sex-happy' city in the nation

Austin scores big as the most 'sex-happy' city in the nation

Couple holding hands at Shop at Park Lane
According to Men's Health, Austin is the most sex-happy city in the nation. Photo by Sukilynn Photography

We know our way around the bases: BBCWalletHub and Travel + Leisure have all deemed Austin a hot spot for singles (especially single ladies). Now, Austin has been named the most "sex-happy" city in the United States by Men's Health.

Rather than surveying couples or bugging single's bedrooms, the magazine used hard facts to determine which cities are having the most sex. Condom sales, sex toy sales, birth rates and reports on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) helped determine the rankings.

In addition to being named the most sex-happy city, Austin comes in No. 1 for condom sales — way to practice safe, y'all. Austin ranks No. 15 for birth rates and No. 23 for STD rates.

Fellow sex-happy cities are Dallas (No. 2), Columbus, Ohio (No. 3); Durham, North Carolina (No. 4); and Denver, Colorado (No. 5). Two other Texas cities round out the top 10: Arlington at No. 7 and Houston at No. 10.

If you're having a hard time getting lucky, follow this expert advice. BBC suggests taking your date Lambert's Barbecue or seeing the bats on the Congress Avenue bridge (because who doesn't enjoy the smell of guano during sunset). Or take a page out of Travel + Leisure's book and head to one of our many dive bars or food trucks where you'll find "college students and bearded Peter Pan types."