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Austin outsmarts the rest as one of America's most educated cities

Austin outsmarts the rest as one of America's most educated cities

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Austinites are smart, and they have the degrees to prove it. Photo courtesy of

Feeling smart? You should. Austin-Round Rock ranks among the 10 most educated places in the U.S., according to a new report from WalletHub.

To determine the rankings, the financial website compared the 150 largest metropolitan areas across metrics in two key areas: educational attainment and quality of education. Based on its findings, Austin ranks No. 9 in the nation.

We score high when it comes to educational attainment. Almost 90 percent of Austinites ages 25 and older have a high school diploma. Sixty-nine percent have an associate's degree or some college experience, 41 percent have a bachelor's degree, and 14 percent have a graduate or professional degree.

Austin also earns top marks for the quality of education. Our public schools rank 17th best in the nation, and local universities come in close behind, at No. 20.

Unfortunately, we have one of the largest disparities between black and white bachelor's degree-holders, ranking No. 102 out of 150. The gap between females and males is better, but not ideal, at No. 39.

Still, there's no doubt that Austin outsmarts the rest of Texas, as Dallas-Forth Worth (No. 71), Houston (No. 76), and San Antonio (No. 110) are far behind. The nation's three most educated cities are Ann Arbor, Michigan; Washington; and San Jose, California.