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Search continues after Austin woman and 3-week-old baby mysteriously disappear

Search continues after Austin woman and infant mysteriously disappear

Heidi broussard
Heidi Broussard. Photo courtesy of Austin Police Department
Heidi broussard
Heidi Broussard was believed to be wearing this sweatshirt when she disappeared. Photo courtesy of Austin Police Department
MArgot Carey
Margot Carey. Photo courtesy of Austin Police Department
Heidi broussard
Heidi broussard
MArgot Carey

On Friday, December 13, Austin Police Department issued a release asking for the public's assistance locating a missing 33-year-old South Austin woman and her three-week-old baby. Four days later, the search is still underway — and it's getting international attention. 

According to APD, Heidi Broussard was last seen at Cowan Elementary School on Kentish Drive on Thursday, December 12, at 7:30 am. In a video taken inside the school on Thursday morning — believed to be the last time she was seen — Broussard is wearing a purple sweatshirt. She is listed as a white woman; 5 feet, 3 inches; and 150 pounds, with long, dark hair with highlights.

Broussard was last seen with her three-week-old infant daughter, Margot Carey. APD says the baby, who was born on November 26, is white and weighs 7 pounds 7 ounces.

As the quest for answers continues, Broussard's family, including her fiancé and Margot's father, Shane Carey, is appealing for help. In multiple news interviews, including one on December 15 with KVUE, Shane Carey says Broussard was at the school to drop off her son and attend a school book fair. Shane Carey says he spoke to his fiancée around 7:40 am, just before he got into his truck for his job with Unicorn Moving.

According to his interview, Broussard bought three books during the fair. He says the books were inside the apartment when he returned, but Broussard and his daughter were not. 

"There is nothing valuable missing. Her purse and her wallet and everything was up here," he says in the KVUE footage. "Her cellphone is missing, it's been turned off. Whenever I pulled up, around 1:40, it's been off since then." The car seat was also reportedly in the apartment. 

As the search continues, national and international outlets are picking up the mysterious story, including stories in People, CBS, the New York Post, and U.K. tabloids The Daily Mail and The Scottish Sun.

Austin Police are urging anyone with information about Broussard or Margot Carey to call 9-1-1 immediately.

"She would never disappear. She's an amazing mom," Shane Carey continues in the unedited KVUE footage. "We have a six-year-old son named Silas, a beautiful kid. She would never leave him."