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Austin's most affordable neighborhoods, UT football's true colors, and more top stories

Austin's most affordable neighborhoods and more hot headlines

Austin home for sale
Highland is among Austin's most affordable 'hoods. Photo courtesy of Redfin

Editor's note: Austin affordability is a red-hot topic, so this week we polled some of the city's top realtors to ask a burning question: Are there still bargain neighborhoods for first-time buyers? Read on to find out which 'hoods made the cut, plus the rest of week's top stories. 

1. Experts reveal top 6 affordable Austin neighborhoods for first-time buyers. Navigating Austin's real estate market is tricky for seasoned pros, let alone newbies. We talked with some local experts to find out which Austin neighborhoods are still affordable for those looking to buy their first home.

2. Disgruntled Texas football fans show true colors over apparent change to burnt orange uniforms. Don't mess with Texas — and don't brighten burnt orange. After the Longhorns released their team photo on July 24, it appeared the orange in the uniforms was, well, orange-ier than normal. Fans were not having it. 

3. Escape from Austin with these 5 international flights for $400 or less. Who says you have to drop thousands of dollars to travel abroad? Learn about these five international destinations and score a few hot tips on when to book your flight to maximize savings.

4. This Austin neighborhood ranks among the coolest hipster havens in the U.S. So we know it, you know it, and now the rest of the country knows it: East Austin is cool. 

5. 7 Austin mom-and-pop restaurants that make dining out a family affair. In our opinion, there is nothing better than a good meal — unless that meal is accompanied by a great story. From La Barbecue to The Flying Carpet, these Austin restaurants share what it's like to work with family, and the love that goes into every meal.