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Comedy legend Dave Chappelle surprises Austin with 3 last-minute shows at very intimate venue

Comedy legend Dave Chappelle surprises Austin with 3 last-minute shows

Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle returns to Austin this week for three very intimate shows.  Photo courtesy of Aztec Theatre

Update: And it's sold out, folks. As of 4:06 pm, tickets for all three performances have been purchased. 


Dave Chappelle just can't get enough of Texas. In the past two weeks, the comedy legend has surprised both Houston and San Antonio with last-minute performances. On Monday, October 21, the Stateside at the Paramount announced the comedy legend is doing the same thing in the Capital City. 

Chappelle will perform an intimate set on October 21 (as in tonight), October 22, and October 23 at the Stateside Theatre, which holds about 300 seats. (By comparison, Chappelle sold out the 2,750-seat Moody Theater for two back-to-back nights in 2017.) 

To say this will be a hot ticket ... well, let's just go ahead and say this will be a hot ticket. As the Stateside succinctly announced in a rather unceremonious email to subscribers: "These shows will sell out quickly."

Tickets to all three of the performances will go on sale today, October 21, at 3 pm. To snag a spot, customers may go to the website anytime between 2 and 3 pm where they will be assigned a random place in line through Queue-it, a virtual waiting room. At 3 pm, the tickets will be released to the public based on the random number. 

Each customer will be allowed to purchase two tickets and given only a few minutes to do so before their spot in line is released to another user. Ticket pricing was not released. 

Chappelle will hit the Stateside stage for a full set each night at 9 pm, and all guests will be required to leave their phones, cameras, and recording devices in a locked bag throughout the show.