Best Karaoke in Austin

Austin's pitch-perfect karaoke scene: Top spots to sing your heart out

Austin's pitch-perfect karaoke scene: Top spots to sing your heart out

Highball Karaoke
The Highball has a variety of private themed karaoke rooms, including this "Truly Outrageous" room. Photo by Nick Simonite

While Ego’s is arguably the proverbial king of karaoke, there are many spots that will indulge your version of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5." Whether you prefer the public spectacle and a cheering crowd or privacy to sing all your favorite pop princess hits, this town is littered with options. 

Hi Tunes Karaoke
Find this place tucked away on Anderson Lane between a Mexican restaurant and a Hertz. Hi Tunes Karaoke allows BYO drinks and food, so it's kind of like having an awesome karaoke party at your house, but with songs and legit wireless mics. Reservations recommended.
Cost: $20/hour and up, depending on size

Austin Karaoke
It may not be the classiest joint in town, but they’re open crazy late (4 am Sunday through Thursday; 5 am Friday and Saturday). You can sing your lungs out until the actual break of dawn. They have 10 different rooms so you’re likely to skate by without a reservation.
Cost: $20/hour for 4 people; $5/additional person per hour

The Iron Bear
Bear-aoke on Wednesdays and Sundays is likely the best karaoke you’ll see in the city, talent-wise. Murrah Noble with Planet Fabulous has any song you can think of and those handsome men at the Iron Bear are not about to put on a lackluster performance. The drinks are cheap, the crowd is accepting, and everyone’s just so darn friendly.
Cost: Free

The Highball
The performer in you will be overjoyed to know that not only can you do private room karaoke in any of The Highball's awesomely designed theme rooms, but there’s also Come and Sing It, a competition hosted by Karaoke Apocalypse with The Voice-style judging and a $300 prize.
Cost: $20/hour for rooms; no entry fee for Come and Sing It

This Red River legend hosts Rock & Roll Karaoke every Monday at 9:30 pm, the longest-running karaoke night in the city with cheap drinks, two hilarious hosts, and all the awesome rock you can handle. While it’s true you could sing Journey … you’ll probably be judged.
Cost: Free

Common Interest
Common Interest has a weird cross-section of things going on: public karaoke, private karaoke, an extensive food menu, giant jello shots, sports, and special events like paintball karaoke. At least two people have also gotten engaged here. It’s an experience.
Cost: Free; $25-$50/private room

DK Sushi
Ever since its incarnation down on South First Street, Austin legend DK Sushi has been doing karaoke in a rather, um, unique way. We don’t want to spoil the surprise but expect many sake bombs, DK’s special brand of standup, and some seriously delicious torched escolar. This is not for the easily offended or those under 21.
Cost: Free

The Water Tank
This watering hole has been in Austin since 1992 and we wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been doing karaoke every night for the past 23 years. Here’s the thing: On a weeknight, it’s pretty empty. If you long for more time in front of that mic, head to The Water Tank. And try their club sandwich, too.
Cost: Free

Pacific Rim Sushi & Yakitori Lounge
Sushi. Yakitori. Karaoke. Happy hour here is all day every day, and it's hard to go wrong at this spot no matter what you're here for. Their karaoke setup includes the whole bar so it's more like sushi and a sing-a-long. Saturday nights are the time to get your sing on here. 
Cost: Free