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East Austin development would be double the size of Domain, plus more popular stories

East Austin development would be double the size of Domain, plus more

River Park Riverside drive project
News on this Riverside Drive development topped our most-read stories this week. Courtesy rendering

Editor's note: It's that time again — time to check in with our top stories. Here are five articles that captured our collective attention over the past seven days.

1. East Austin's new Riverside development would be double the size of Domain. This project made waves (and ignited some backlash) when it was first announced in 2018. In the years since, the mixed-use development has changed names and added a lot of square footage. Its newest plans, released earlier this week, show a development spanning 109 acres and more than 10 million square feet — double the size of the Domain in North Austin.

2. This Texas airport is the best in the U.S., according to the TSA. I'm not flying the friendly skies anytime soon, but when I do, I'll definitely book my connections through this airport. (Just kidding, I pick whatever ticket is cheapest.)

3. Austin airport checks in with 3 new nonstop flights from JetBlue. Or maybe I won't even need a connecting flight! JetBlue announced three new nonstop routes from Austin, with the first taking off in early 2021.

4. Family-owned burger joint and drive-thru buddies up to North Austin. A new family-owned burger restaurant is shaking up the local drive-thru scene. And Austin has a few college kids to thank for it.

5. New study salutes Austin as one of the safest big cities in the U.S. The day after publication of this story, Austin Police also released the FBI's 2019 NIBRS Crime Data, which too ranks us among the safest big cities. FBI data puts Austin 11th safest in crimes against persons, 12th safest in crimes against society, and ninth safest in crimes against property in cities with more than 400,000 residents.