Mist-ical Benefits

Hot Hollywood fitness phenomenon sweats into South Austin

Hot Hollywood fitness phenomenon sweats into South Austin

CYL The Sweat House
The infrared personal sauna at CYL Sweat Studio. Photo courtesy of CYL Sauna Studio

Paying to sweat may seem like an absurd idea when it's 105 degrees outside, but a new studio dropping into South Austin believes that perspiring on purpose provides almost "mist-ical" health benefits.

CYL Sauna Studio, taking over Spartan's former locale at 215 S. Lamar Blvd., uses infrared light to produce the "deepest, most detoxifying sweat," a technique supporters claim provides massive health benefits including detoxification, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, lower blood pressure, and weight loss.

Clients sit in a personal sauna suite for a 30- to 40-minute session during which the body is exposed to heat and far infrared light. "[Far infrared light is] part of the sun’s invisible spectrum, has the ability to penetrate the human tissue, and is completely healthy and safe for skin exposure," the company says in a release.

According to CYL, as the heat warms the body, the light is able to penetrate joints, muscles, and tissues, purportedly providing pain relief while inducing a state of relaxation. 

“I truly believe in the benefits of far infrared therapy from both a personal and medical perspective," says Brooke Stubbs, MD and owner of CYL Sauna Studio Austin, in a release. "I hope that people will find it a valuable addition to their regular health and wellness routine.” The process has also developed a cult-like status among Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga. 

Memberships to CYL include drop-in rates ($30 for your first session, $45 per session after that) and monthly packages ranging from $59-$150 per month. 

The company's South Lamar studio is officially open to the public now and will celebrate its grand opening on August 12 with beverages and giveaways from 8-11 am and complimentary, pre-booked sweat sessions from 11 am-2 pm.