Shiner for Shine

This hip Austin barbershop will wash your hair with Shiner Bock beer — for free

This hip Austin barbershop will wash your hair with Shiner Bock beer

Summertime means frequent trips to the pool, and the harshness of chlorine and sun can really dry out your 'do. To restore softness and shine to your hair, Austin-based Birds Barbershop has an unconventional beauty tip: Use Shiner Bock to wash your locks.

Later this month, the hip salon is spoiling patrons with a hoppy hair treatment. From August 14-28, every Birds location will offer a free Shiner Bock wash with the purchase of any haircut.

"While many enjoy a cold Shiner Bock beer on a hot summer's day, few realize a warm, flat beer — when poured over your head — conditions your hair to make it softer and give it more shine(r)," explains the local chain.

Before you protest that this hair treatment wastes a perfectly good can of Shiner, let's explore the science. Beer's most basic ingredients, hops and malt, are rich in proteins that not only repair damage but also add a little extra shine. Combine those reparative powers with the sugars in alcohol and you get a fresh, lustrous sheen. 

The local barbershop has released an instructional video so you can do your own in-home beer wash if you're so inclined. "Pour a can of flat, room-temperature Shiner Bock through clean, towel-dried hair. Wait five minutes (tip: drink a cold one while you are soaking up the suds). Wash the beer out and style as usual, noticing more volume and shine."

Birds Barbershop Shiner Beer shiny hair beerwash was 2015
Birds Barbershop is offering a Shiner Beer hair beer wash. Screenshot/Birds Barbershop