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Innovative car-sharing program takes Austin for an exclusive test drive

Innovative car-sharing program takes Austin on an exclusive test drive

Want to share a car with your friends? Now you can.  Photo by Kevin McCauley

Transportation and mobility issues are a major concern across Austin, but one company is stepping in with an interesting solution. An innovative new program from Ford takes car-sharing to a new level, allowing Austinites to share the lease on a new vehicle. 

Available only in Austin, Ford Credit Link allows a group of three to six Texas residents to co-sign on a two-year lease. The program, which launched in February, is "aimed at consumers who don't need a vehicle all the time but would still like access to their own set of wheels."

Target users include co-workers, roommates, and large families.

Austin was the obvious choice for a testing ground. "Austin has the right mix of demographics and transportation habits for this pilot," said Roby Robarge, Ford Credit's future product development manager, in a release.

"Central Texans embrace the sharing economy and new technologies. We think there's a good chance that tech-savvy students, neighborhood groups, and co-workers will take advantage of this one-of-a-kind program."

Sharing a car among several people may sound like a daunting project, but Ford is providing the tools to make the job easier. A mobile app will link to a plug-in device on the vehicle so lease members can track and share information regarding schedules, payments, and maintenance.

The Ford Credit Link pilot program is available at three area dealerships: Covert Ford, Leif Johnson Ford, and Maxwell Ford.