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It's actually cheaper to rent a place in Austin than in these Texas cities

It's actually cheaper to rent in Austin than in these Texas cities

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Rent may be high, but it's not the highest in Texas. Photo courtesy of

There's no denying the high cost of rent in Austin — gone are the days of the $600 steal in Clarksville. However, a new report says we have it better than other Texas cities.  

Apartment List used data from hundreds of thousands of listings on the site to get a picture of the Texas rental landscape. According to its findings, Dallas (No. 1) and Houston (No. 2) have the highest rents in the state, and Austin comes in third.

In Austin, the median two-bedroom rent is $1,470, $90 less than Dallas and $50 less than Houston. The figures are similar for one-bedroom units. Austin's median one-bedroom rent is $1,150. In Dallas, it's $1,220, and in Houston it's $1,190.

Elsewhere in Texas, folks are paying $990 for a one-bedroom place and $1,200 for two bedrooms.

While Austinites may be saving a little cash right now, our rent prices are growing faster than any other Texas city. The average rent price in Austin has ballooned 7.8 percent year-over-year, compared to the Texas average of only 3.5 percent.