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2 Austin hot spots among GQ's 25 Most Outstanding Restaurants of the year

2 Austin hot spots among GQ's Most Outstanding Restaurants of the year

St. Philip Pizza Parlor Bakeshop
St. Philip was one of two local eateries to be named best in the U.S. Courtesy of St. Philip/Facebook

In March, GQ will publish its 25 Most Outstanding Restaurants in the U.S. Though the results won't be available online until Monday, we snuck a peek and found local hot spots Dai Due and St. Philip Pizza Parlor + Bakeshop are among the 25 best in the country. 

No stranger to praise, Dai Due has been a shining star in Austin's culinary world for years. Chefs and co-owners Jesse Griffiths and Tamara Mayfield spent years developing a cult following by hosting supper clubs and making weekly appearances at downtown farmers markets.

Though the brick-and-mortar has been open for less than a year, Griffiths and Mayfield brought that same emphasis on quality meats and unique dishes to their Manor Road shop. GQ's Alan Richman praises pretty much everything about Dai Due, from the pork rib chop to the woodfired grill and the Texas-based wine list. Ranking the butcher shop/restaurant No. 12, the famed food writer reminds us, "Never forget that it was German butchers who culinarily settled the American West."

Though he takes a jab at St. Philip's hard-to-find locale (in his defense, we too circled around the first time we had dinner there), Richman has nothing else but praise for Uchi's newest culinary adventure, calling it "carbohydrate heaven." Ranking it No. 18, Richman calls out St. Philip's bialys, flaky hand pies and biscuits as especially noteworthy. 

Austin restaurants are no stranger to GQ's Most Outstanding list. Last year, Qui took the top spot, followed by La Barbecue, which was ranked No. 13. This year, the top spot went to Rose's Luxury in Washington, D.C. Also repping Texas on the list are two Houston restaurants: Pax Americana was ranked No. 5, and Killen's Barbecue in Pearland came in at No. 10.