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Here's the food Austin just can't get enough of, according to Pinterest

Here's the food Austin can't get enough of, according to Pinterest

Picnik Paleo breakfast
It appears Austinites love a Paleo breakfast. Picnik Austin/Facebook

Austinites love to eat, and a new study from Pinterest reveals the 10 trendy dishes Austin pins more than anywhere else.

The list is comprised of over-indexing food interests in the Capital City, meaning local users pin these recipes more than users in other cities. "While something like 'chicken recipes' is popular in universally popular terms of absolute volume across many cities and states, this list isolates the topics that are uniquely popular in specific regions," Pinterest explains.

And what are Austinites pinning? Surprisingly, tacos don't make the cut on this breakfast-heavy list. Paleo breakfast is tops, followed by chicken tortilla soup and breakfast bowls. 

Here are the 10 most popular food pins in Austin:

  1. Paleo breakfasts
  2. Chicken tortilla soup
  3. Breakfast bowls
  4. Macaroons
  5. Avocado toast
  6. Chia pudding
  7. Stuffed avocado
  8. Figs
  9. Juice recipes
  10. Poached eggs

Pinterest also cataloged the over-indexing food interests in larger regions, including Texas. According to the cleverly named Foodnited States board, Texans are all about taco-stuffed avocado with chipotle cream.