Meatless butcher

Central Market debuts plant-powered 'Meatless Butcher' at Austin store

Central Market debuts plant-powered 'Meatless Butcher' at Austin store

Central Market Meatless Butcher fajitas
Plant-based fajitas are now available at the Meatless Butcher in Central Market. Photo courtesy of Central Market

A contradiction in terms no longer, the Meatless Butcher has arrived at Central Market’s Austin Westgate location. 

Appropriately operating out of the produce department, the new Meatless Butcher, debuting Friday, April 22 at the high-end grocer, will provide many of the options a typical butcher would, but all the items will be plant-based and prepared daily by Central Market’s talented chefs.

The Meatless Butcher will offer a variety of plant-based items, including meatless chicken wings, featuring tofu, seitan, vegan chicken stock, and garlic. These are fried and ready to toss in your favorite sauce such as buffalo or sticky garlic before game time — or any time.

Additionally, there’s meatless brisket that permits Texans to enjoy all the smoky flavor of their national food without the beef. This plant-powered protein features jackfruit, seasoned with vegan beef stock, red miso paste, tahini, vegan Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and an assortment of spices. It is then topped with vegan barbecue sauce to complete the experience.

And no Meatless Butcher in Texas would be complete without Tex-Mex choices including meatless chicken and beef fajitas. They come marinated in Central Market’s signature Southwest spice blend and ready to be loaded up with fajita fixings. Or, mix things up with the meatless chorizo, wrapped in freshly made tortillas with creamy avocado for some delectable breakfast tacos.

Beyond the barbecue options, other meatless essentials include meatless pepperoni to add that long-missing ingredient to your vegan pizza, meatless chicken and beef kabobs, and meatless marinated chicken breast.

A division of H-E-B, Central Market opened its doors in Austin, Texas in 1994, and now has 10 store locations across Texas. The Westgate store is located at 4477 S. Lamar Blvd.