Say It Ain't So Satay

Austin dining institution closes after 29 years in favor of something new

Austin dining institution closes in favor of something new

Satay is closing its doors after 29 years of service. Satay/Facebook

The onslaught of restaurant closures continues. Austin’s beloved Thai eatery Satay has decided to say goodbye after almost 30 years of serving our local community.

Since 1987, Satay has offered Thai and South Asian cuisine from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The oldest Thai restaurant in Austin, its home on Anderson Lane has been a neighborhood staple, offering delicious and affordable gourmet meals in a comfortable setting.

But this isn’t the last you’ll hear from Satay. Chef and owner Dr. Foo Swasdee has announced a new concept she’s trying out at the same location. Called Sumptuary, this innovative aims to be the nation’s first rentable restaurant.

“I love to create, to cook and entertain, plus mingling with my customers, especially those who come regularly, every week,” said Swasdee in an announcement. “I’m going to miss all those friends and families, generations of families. I’m not just walking away from Satay without keeping my fans in my culinary world.”

Swasdee invites her loyal customers to become part of the “members only” club. Featuring pop-ups from chefs in and around Austin, these culinary stars will cook their menus for a couple of days or weeks at Sumptuary, as reported by Austin360. This is part of Swasdee’s “retirement with a big bang” plan, with more details to come soon.

Thursday is the last night you can dine at Satay before it officially closes up shop on June 17. While this is a sad farewell for fans of the 29-year-old restaurant, Swasdee appears optimistic about her new endeavor and the space’s future.