Austin's Best Queso

Austin's best queso crowned at the cheesiest competition ever

Austin's best queso crowned at the cheesiest competition ever

Quesoff V queso Frank Best Meat Recipe winner 2015
Frank's winning queso recipe with al pastor and a habanero bacon garnish. Frank/Facebook

On Saturday, the fifth annual Quesoff returned to the Mohawk for another round of cheesy competition. The popular queso cook-off gathered cooks of all kinds to determine who makes the best queso in Austin.

Local businesses competed against independent queso cooks in categories ranging from meaty to wild card.

The winners were determined by a panel of esteemed judges, including Zach Davis of Henri's, Casie Wiginton of Antonelli's Cheese Shop, Michael Sanders of drink.well., Matthew Odam of the Austin-American Statesman and Brandon Watson of The Austin Chronicle

The Best Meaty Recipe went to Frank, Austin's artisan hot dog hot spot, which took home the veggie award last year. The Best Veggie Recipe was awarded to Jordan Schwob and the Cheesus Christ team. Mighty Bird, the local restaurant that specializes in rotisserie chicken, won Best Spicy Recipe. 

For the second year in a row, the Cream Team (Brett Spangler, Shrie Spangler and Paul Czarkowski) won the Wild Card award. The first-ever Guacoff award was given to Andrea Speck and Jesse Hunt of team ​Cocomole. The coveted Best in Show award went to David Moser and the Brisket and Bagels team. The dish? A creative "Kimcheez Queso."

The real winners of the day were more than 1,000 local cheese lovers who got their hands on the best — and most creative — queso Austin has to offer.