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Popular local pizza chain delivers pizza-less brewpub to South Austin

Popular local pizza chain delivers pizza-less brewpub to South Austin

Pinthouse Pizza
The new Pinthouse Pizza location will be sans pizza. Pinthouse Pizza/Facebook

What’s Pinthouse Pizza without its pub-style pies? Austinites will soon find out when the locally owned mini-chain opens a new concept at 2201 E. Ben White Blvd. The company hopes to debut the new concept by the end of 2020.

Since opening its first Burnet Road restaurant in 2012, Pinthouse has expanded to two additional locations across the Austin area. As the company grew, so too did the popularity of its beers, which are now found at restaurants and bars throughout Austin.

According to co-owner and marketing director Nic Van Biene, the South Austin Pinthouse will serve primarily as a beer production facility but will also be open to the public. Van Biene says the new Pinthouse will include an indoor tasting room and a covered patio. The team will also be offering behind-the-scenes tours.

Pizza, however, will not be on the table. The restaurant plans to create a new menu that will include shared plates, appetizers, and salads. For now, the company is keeping the details mum but promises to share more in the upcoming months.

Van Biene also says Pinthouse has a “few more surprises in store.” What those may be is anyone’s guess, but feel free to wildly speculate on massive indoor ski slopes and beer-themed spa services.

Although Pinthouse does have 2020 as its opening goal, it has not begun construction yet, and the team cautions that the project may be delayed.

“Honestly it is tough to predict with the vagaries of the permitting and construction process,” says Van Biene.