Austin's Best Kolaches

The best kolaches in Austin? Find them at these hidden gems and hot spots

Best kolaches in Austin? These hidden gems and hot spots have them

The ZubikHouse kolache Austin
We've rounded up four Austin spots for authentic kolaches. The ZubikHouse/Facebook

A number of things come to mind when you hear the word kolache. Maybe it's savory sausage tucked into pillowy, slightly sweet dough. Or perhaps you think of a sweet pastry filled with poppy seeds. Maybe you've never tried them, but you've heard them praised and celebrated in Central Texas.

Two Texas cities lay claim to the title of "Kolache Capital of Texas," with Caldwell holding an annual Kolache Festival and West featuring the popular I-35 attraction, Czech Stop, as well as hidden gems like Gerik's Ole' Czech Bakery. While Austin hasn't made any such claims, the influence of Czech culture is undeniable in our devotion to the kolache craft. You can find them in practically any doughnut shop you choose, but how can you be sure you're getting more than just a pig-in-a-blanket

Allow us to help answer the kolache question: Where can I get a good kolache in Austin?

Lone Star Kolaches
These tasty treats are the people's kolache: Bring these to work and you'll be a hero. Lone Star Kolache offers a wide variety of inexpensive options, from a rainbow of fruit fillings to chocolate cream cheese to chicken quesadilla. Try the stellar sausage options to see what the fuss is about. The sweet bread is substantial enough to house Polish sausage, which you can order regular or hot. Lone Star Kolaches also carries the traditional poppy seed variety.

The ZubikHouse
Find the unassuming ZubikHouse trailer at the popular SFC Farmers' Market downtown on Guadalupe every Saturday morning. Sophisticated pairings like apple, bacon, and brie elevate the kolache to fine cuisine. ZubikHouse kolaches are also beautiful to lay eyes on, with local ingredients placed on a pillowy pedestal of freshly made dough.

Kolache Creations
The hanging canvas sign above the shop off Burnet Road may give this place a temporary feel, but this business has been turning out high-quality pastries for over 30 years. Perhaps better known by its former name, The Kolache Shoppe, this sweet bakery overcomes its hidden location with word-of-mouth buzz. The dough is soft, sweet, and more yielding than that of your average kolache and the variety of what's inside assures something for everyone.

Kerlin BBQ
This much buzzed about barbecue joint knows its customer. Stuff brisket and cheddar into fresh bread and let the word get around. The barbecue wunderkind has also offered combinations like house-cured pastrami; sauerkraut; and Swiss or mushroom, onion, and fontina. With a menu that changes often, you may want to arrive early for the kolaches, available again in late September.