Oskar Blues Expansion

Beer gods behind Dale's Pale Ale plan new Austin brewery and music venue

Beer gods behind Dale's Pale Ale plan Austin brewery and music venue

Oskar Blues Brewering Dale's Pale Ale beer can live music concert stage 2015
Colorado-based Oskar Blues Brewery is opening in North Austin. Oskar Blues Brewery Austin/Facebook

Austin's craft beer scene is hot — so hot, in fact, we're attracting top companies from outside the state. Popular Colorado-based Oskar Blues Brewery will enter the Austin market in 2016 with a new location that includes a brewery, a tasting room, and a live music venue.

"The passion and rebellious nature of Austin locals, along with the food, craft beer, and live music scenes, create a vibe that already feels like home," said founder Dale Katechis in a press release.

The 18-year-old company is one of the most successful examples in the craft beer world and has already expanded beyond its hometown. In addition to Oskar Blues' original location in Lyons, Colorado, the brewery also has a spot in Brevard, North Carolina — both include live music venues.

The 50,000-square-foot brewery slated for Metric Boulevard will feature a 5,000-square-foot taproom and venue area. When open, the entire collection of Oskar Blues will be available, including the popular Dale's Pale Ale. 

Oskar Blues' multi-faceted brewery is slated to open by April 20, 2016. For updates, you can follow the Austin location on Facebook.