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17 things you must eat and drink at Austin City Limits Music Festival

17 things you must eat and drink at Austin City Limits Music Festival

The Mighty Cone
Shrimp and avocado cone from the Mighty Cone. The Mighty Cone/Facebook
East Side King Brussels sprout salad
Brussels sprout salad from East Side King. Photo courtesy of East Side King
Austin City Limits Festival ACL 2014 Weekend  Steve and Joanie O'Leary
The Barton Springs Beer Hall will take care of your craft beer needs. Photo by Shelley Neuman
Chi'Lantro Kimchi Fries
Kimchi fries from Chi'Lantro. Chi'Lantro/Facebook
Austin City Limits Festival ACL 2014 Weekend One Day Three Tiff's Treats
Tiffwich from Tiff's Treats. Photo by Shelley Neuman
The Mighty Cone
East Side King Brussels sprout salad
Austin City Limits Festival ACL 2014 Weekend  Steve and Joanie O'Leary
Chi'Lantro Kimchi Fries
Austin City Limits Festival ACL 2014 Weekend One Day Three Tiff's Treats

One of the best parts about Austin City Limits Music Festival is the food. Austin loves to source local, and its music festival does just that. You can find some of Austin’s favorite restaurants and food trucks operating stands at the ACL Eats food court — some of which will be offering menu items only seen during the festival.

Here's your guide for eating and drinking at ACL Fest, whether you're just a bit peckish or ready to inhale two burritos.


Brussels sprout salad from East Side King
This salad of crunch Brussels sprouts will fill you up but won’t slow you down. It's the perfect light, "healthy" snack to keep you movin' and groovin'.

Pizza rolls from Austin's Pizza
Each roll is the equivalent to a slice a pizza (do with that information what you will), but you will find that it is shamefully easy to toss back four in one sitting, especially if ranch dressing is involved. With the option of pepperoni or veggie stuffed with spinach and mushroom, the whole crew can be satisfied with a stop at Austin's Pizza.

Pork belly bao buns from East Side King
The perfectly cooked pork belly that sits between these bao buns falls apart with one bite, which, coincidentally, is also how long it takes to eat one. 

Truffle mac and cheese from Lonesome Dove
Chef Tim Love's team will be onsite serving up bites from the ranch-inspired kitchen. The creamy truffle cheese is sauced over fluffy grains of orzo — decadent. 


Brisket nachos from the Salt Lick
Only served at ACL Fest, these nachos can be a meal of their own. The Salt Lick trucks in famous brisket and crumbles it on top of crunchy tortilla chips which are then smothered in thick queso blanco. Pro tip: Top with jalapeños to experience flavor nirvana.

Cheeseburger from P. Terry's
With all-natural beef and locally sourced produce, this burger will give you the fuel you need for your next concert. The line usually moves pretty fast, so a burger can be a quick grab if you're short on time.

Kimchi fries from Chi'Lantro
There's a reason these kimchi fries are legendary: They are covered with caramelized kimchi, sprinkled with both cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, topped with the protein of your choice, doused in their magic sauce and Sriracha, and garnished with cilantro. The result is a flavor explosion in your mouth that is well worth the wait. 

Shrimp and avocado cone from the Mighty Cone
Mighty Cone started at ACL Fest and has become a tradition for many festivalgoers. The crunchy and spicy shrimp and avocado cone will have you dancing along to the music in the food court.

Sweet tooth cravings

Grab an ethically sourced, frozen banana that's been dunked in melted chocolate and sprinkled with the toppings of your choice. This dessert is the one to wait in line for.

A lighter option is a GoodPop popsicle. This local company will have an assortment of flavors onsite, like cold brew coffee, watermelon agave, and hibiscus mint. Pro tip: Dropping a GoodPop into a bubbly beverage is a great mixer idea.

Skull & Cakebones
There are sweet options available for vegans too. In additional to the usual cupcakes, this vegan bakery is whipping up chicken and waffles just for ACL Fest.

Tiff's Treats
The Tiffwich is a dessert sandwich served with Tiff's warm, soft cookies and a dollop ice cream in between.


Lemonade from Shade Tree Lemonade
Organic, fresh-squeezed lemonade is what everyone needs at a hot, Texas music festival. It's sweet and tart and will give you the zing of energy you need to power through the rest of the day.

Root beer from Main Root Beverages 
This Austin-made root beer is about as good as root beer gets. Grab one if your spicy Mighty Cone has a little too much heat to handle.

Watermelon agua fresca from JuiceLand
Beat dehydration by sipping on a watermelon agua fresca. It's cool, refreshing, and served in a huge cup.

Barton Springs Beer Hall
There's more than just Miller Lite at ACL Fest. The beer hall is where to go to find craft beers. Since the festival coincides with both NCAA and NFL games, catch up on the scores on the jumbo screen while drinking from a selection of 16 craft beers.

Wine Down
Beer lovers have the beer hall, and now the wine lovers have a wine bar. The new Wine Down on the south side of Zilker Park is where you can go to enjoy fine wine and music. A local wine-based cocktail in a can, Mighty Swell, will also be available.