Heavenly Pies

6 top Austin pizza joints you haven't heard of and have to try

6 top Austin pizza joints you haven't heard of and have to try

Flaming Pizza
Flaming Pizza is a build-your-own, Subway-style pizza spot deep in the heart of The Domain. Linda S./Yelp

As true pizza aficionados, we are pumped for the second locations of Bufalina and Home Slice, and we'll never turn down a date at Little Deli … but there are others, young pizza Padawan.

Let us not forget the unsung (and far-flung) pizzerias unobtrusively doing their thing, churning out quality pies with a practiced hand and minimal hoopla. We've done what any person on a personal pizza vision quest would do — committed to a week of stretchy pants to try these six primo pizza spots.

Garducci’s Pizza Pie
Does anything sound more Italian than Garducci’s? This spot serves up New York-style pizza with Austin prices. The Guido is a house favorite, but we’re coming back for the meatball sub and something called “Mamma’s Revenge.” Yowza!

Flaming Pizza
This build-your-own, Subway-style pizza spot deep in the heart of The Domain has flat-priced pizza and a five-minute turnaround time. Flaming Pizza has a smorgasbord of options — four sauces, nine cheeses, 30-plus meat and veggie items, gluten-free, vegan, and post-bake additions. The most delicious kind of decision fatigue.

Rebel Pizza Bar
Excellent craft beer on draft, endless TVs, specially commissioned graffiti, and a rooftop bocce ball court make this one of the hottest spots in North Austin. The fantastic pizza selection might be what gets you there, but the quirky desserts (pumpkin beignets, daily cotton candy) and cocktails (hello, elderflower gimlet) will make you want to move in.

Agazajo’s Flying Pizza & Italian Restaurant
Though we’ll never remember how to spell it, this small family-owned spot holds sway over the food desert that surrounds the airport. It might be worth leaving for that flight an extra (extra) hour early. Say sorry to your seat mate and double down on the garlic. 

Jersey Giant Pizza
This legitimately giant pizza will leave you talking in a Jersey dialect (even though you're really in Bee Cave). Jersey bakes those monsters in a four-deck custom brick oven. This strip-mall surprise offers rounds up to 28 inches. This way, you can feed the whole family — twice. Once your pizza haze has cleared, think about picking up a fresh sub or a bowl of Mamma Millie’s Meatballs. 

Backdraft Pizzeria
We’ll totally make the trek to Backdraft Pizzeria for offerings like Shroom to the Moon, Sweet Sow (think Hawaiian-style with paper-thin pears), house-made kombucha, and fresh mozzarella. As if that isn't enough to tempt you to hit the road, it’s BYOB and Backdraft has specialty waffles every Saturday made with imported Belgian pearl sugar. Imported. Belgian. Sugar.

Our challenge to you — from one pizza lover to another — is to get out of your proverbial pizza box. It may be easier to put your feet up and call in your same ol', same ol', but consider committing to the cause of supporting amazing mom-and-pop shops slingin' heavenly pies.