Pay It Forward

Downtown Austin restaurant takes on mighty mission to feed the homeless

Austin restaurant takes on mighty mission to feed the homeless

Mighty Dogs Cafe and Bistro Austin restaurant hot dogs 2015
Mighty Dogs Cafe and Bistro serves Austin's hungry and homeless every day. Mighty Dogs Cafe and Bistro/Facebook

KVUE — Before former oil and gas executive Chris Stockdale started serving up 100-percent beef, all natural, no preservative hot dogs at Mighty Dogs Cafe and Bistro in downtown Austin, he was cooking for his friends, "... to kind of test recipes and things like that," said Stockdale.

Then one day, he says he saw something that changed him forever.

"I lived at Eighth and Brazos [streets], and across the street is a church-based homeless shelter. And I would walk outside to bring the meals to people as they were picking them up and, you know, it just struck me: There's people across the street and there's people laying in the street hungry, asking for food," he said.

From then on, for every one paid meal, Stockdale also made one for a homeless person. Pretty soon, donations were rolling in for the cause. 

"At the end of the day, whatever food we have left — we start with fresh ingredients every day — I package everything up and drop it off," he said.

Stockdale makes sure he feeds someone every day; even when he runs out of food. "If we've had a good day and we're kind of cleaned out on food that night, then I'll come up with something to make," Stockdale said.

The former executive said he follows Mother Teresa's philosophy: If you can't feed 100, just feed one, and that's exactly what he's encouraging others to do.


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