New Asian-inspired burger speakeasy sneaks into North Austin

New Asian-inspired burger speakeasy sneaks into North Austin

Luck's Tokyo BBQ burger
Luck's BBQ Burger. Photo by Jay Huang

Burger lovers are getting lucky thanks to a new Asian-inspired burger speakeasy in North Austin.

The team behind SoCo sushi joint Lucky Robot and sister brand Zen Japanese Food Fast has opened Luck’s Wagyu Burger Shoppe, featuring a menu of Asian-forward burgers and sandwiches.

Luck’s is discreetly nestled inside the Zen location on Anderson Lane in North Austin, and in true speakeasy form, the shoppe is operating quite surreptitiously. The Luck’s menu is somewhat hidden on Zen’s website, so patrons must know where to look. Further adding to the speakeasy mystique, Luck’s has a limited quantity of dishes available each day. Once they’re gone, patrons are out of luck until the next day.   

The burger speakeasy is an idea owner Adam Weisberg and executive chef Jay Huang cooked up back in June. Luck’s opening comes smack dab in the middle of a pandemic that has shuttered dozens of Austin restaurants, and it is a testament to Weisberg and Huang’s innovative and ambitious approach to feeding the Austin community — as well as to their many longtime patrons, who continue to keep Zen and Lucky Robot thriving.

Specialties at Luck’s showcase locally sourced ingredients and wagyu beef from Texas-based Peeler Farms, and burger buns are sourced locally from Swedish Hill. Menu highlights include the Tokyo BBQ Burger (wagyu beef patty, cheddar cheese, tempura onions rings, tomato, house-made pickles and Japanese barbecue ketchup, and miso mustard) and the Wagyu Katsu Burger (panko-crusted wagyu beef patty, Asian slaw, tonkatsu ketchup, tomato, and house-made Luck’s sauce on a sweet bun).

For diners who have a beef with beef, chicken sandwiches — including the exceptionally crispy Chicken Katsu Sando — and veggie options, like a plant-based Beyond Burger special, round out the Luck’s menu, which is available alongside Zen’s sushi and bowl dishes.

“We thought it would be exciting and unique to tell a different story of the classic burger and sandwich,” Weisberg says. “It’s our style to put an Asian spin on the traditional tried-and-true with unexpected pairings and Japanese-inspired flavors and ingredients, like the fried katsu burgers. And we have a great relationship with Peeler Farms and really wanted to be able to highlight the quality of their wagyu beef.”

Luck’s and Zen menu items are currently available for dine-in service, curbside pickup, and delivery.