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Meet the artist creating those empowering murals in East Austin

Meet the local artist creating those empowering murals in East Austin

Editor's note: CultureMap is proud to present the latest installment in our partnership with KLRU's documentary series Arts in Context. This unique series celebrates stories about the arts in Austin and the people who make it such a vibrant and creative city.

With a wide swath of influences ranging from anime, manga, Japanese history, the history of the African Diaspora, mythology, linguistics, cymatics, quantum physics, and the natural elements, ​Austin artist Roshi K. creates joyful murals that empower the residents who see them every day. 

Though her work can be found all around the city, Roshi K. is perhaps best known for her murals in East Austin. Expansive and colorful, the almost whimsical pieces usually feature women of color posed as goddesses.

"Knowing the history of Austin, and knowing how the east side of Austin was predominantly a community of people of color, I think [there's a] struggle that's going to maintain roots," the artist said. "It's great for locals to see that there is still some brown in the area."

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Roshi K muralist artist Austin
Though she works in a variety of mediums, Roshi K. is perhaps best known for her murals. Photo courtesy of KLRU-TV