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This magical market creates a powerful space for Austin's women of color

This magical Austin market creates a powerful space for women of color

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For the past year, Austin artist TK Tunchez has been curating Frida Friday ATX, an artisan fair where local women of color sell handmade goods, artwork, jewelry, and more, while rallying around causes they believe in. "It's focused on creating a space where women of color can come together and celebrate themselves, celebrate each other, and really form community," says Tunchez.

Held in the backyard of Kebablicious on East Seventh Street, this monthly event is more than a market — it's also a movement focused on creating a much needed alternative economy.

As Tunchez notes, a Latina woman makes on average 44 cents for every dollar a cisgender white man earns. Named in honor of the Mexican artist who fought hard for equality, Frida Friday ATX is an economic way for Austin's women of color to try to bridge that gap.

"These markets are really, really important for Latina women, for black women, for women of color in general," says Tunchez. "This is how we're bringing in money to feed our families, to take care of ourselves, to take care of each other."

In the spirit of taking care of one another, this family-friendly event also features DJs, raffle prizes, and a nonprofit or community partner.  

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Frida Friday ATX is held monthly at Kebabalicious.